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Friday, February 26, 2010

Michel-ism for today...

"There is a phone call for you...I have come to fetch you like a dog. I would like a cookie and a raise."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Boy and His...

For Wesley it is a boy and his Ruff. That is what he named the sad creature that he is holding in his arms... Ruff. We bought the panda bear at the Hoogle Zoo, when I was barely pregnant with Wesley. I gave him some random name but along the way Wesley started calling him he did with most animals at the time and it has stuck. The poor bear is a mess (read puked on, peed on, chewed on, and yes he has been bathed but he still smells funky) but he is well loved and we don't leave home without him. I don't even want to think about what will happen when the thing falls apart on us...
Wesley also has a blue blanky that is a must at bed time, he likes to cocoon himself in it then be covered by the sheet and comforter.

For Max it is a boy and his snuggle. That is what Max calls the dishtowels that he insists on caring around with him and sleeping with. Many may ask, why a dishtowel? Well Max had horrible reflux and spit all over the place, after every feeding, massive amounts of formula. A burp cloth did not cut it, so I started using a dishtowel because they could handle way more fluid (seriously, before the meds, it was so bad I considered switching to a bath towel). But along the way he became attached to the towel and it is his comfort item. The dog is new, he got it at Christmas but at night he will ask for his puppy. In this picture he has three towels because he will grab them from anywhere whenever he feels like he needs one - the dirty ones go back to the laundry and if I catch him quick enough the clean ones get put back away - I must not have caught enough over the past week.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It was a brand new box...

This is the now empty container that I poured a BRAND NEW BOX OF CHEERIOS in last night. And I am not talking about a small box, we are talking the huge 18oz. box of Cheerios. I was snacking on them and forgot to put the container back in the pantry - I was really tired last night.
I could hear the boys laughing and giggling and talking but I never imagined that this would be what we found...

Our best guess is that Wesley was pouring the Cheerios on Max's tray and Max was flipping them off with his hands (this is not unusual...if he is done eating the food will hit the floor). But they were happy, I now know that that is reason for concern.
Wesley did inform me that he was building castles...I should have checked on what that meant, though the damage had already been done.Greg cleaned up the mess while I showered...I own him big time for this one. Max and Wesley (though Max had moved on by the time I took the picture) did help clean up and well both munched on a few more - Good thing they enjoyed themselves because the fun went straight to the garbage.

That is how my morning started...How was yours?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

So, another Valentine's Day has come and gone. I am not big on celebrating said fake holiday, but it is a fun day for the kids and I try to keep it as such. We have pizza and pink soda with some kind of treat...and I get the boys a little gift (this year was a hot wheel and a small bag of chocolates). I was decorating some cookies and cake and gave the boys the frosting beaters to lick - a first for Max and they both loved it, Wesley requested that I dip the beater back in the frosting so he could have more...

Below is the picture of Max's reaction to having the beater taken say he was not happy is putting it mildly.Here is the cake I decorated to go with dinner...the inside is strawberry and yes, pink. Not bad considering how long it has been since I have done any cake decorating.
Greg delivered flowers this year to earn some extra money and he traded some of his time for these...they are currently driving my allergies into hyper drive, so they may go bye-bye very soon.
In all it was a fun laid back day...just as it should have been.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The other night I splurged and bought me and boys Panda for dinner....I was tired and Greg had class, so I did not feel like cooking. When we go, Wesley will see me and Greg eating with chopsticks and request his own set of sticks. It is so funny and cute to watch him eat with the sticks...actually he does not do to bad, he does manage to get a fair amount of noodles in his mouth. And Max? Well he just makes a huge mess no matter what he uses to feed himself.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Daddy's Hat

The boys love to play with Greg's hat...he walks in the door wearing it and Max will point and say "hat" - So, I found a hat that I had bought Wesley last year that fits Max only slightly better then Daddy's hat and Wesley then can have that one. And we blissfully can keep the fighting down to a minimum.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ice Cream

Last night my boys got a cream. This is a big deal around here because both boys are lactose intolerant which means they rarely get ice cream because it upsets little tummies. But my Aunt Kristie (who is awesome) found this in the store...
Yep, apparently I have not been paying attention (well actually being lactose intolerant myself, I try to avoid the ice cream isle because it does not make my tummy happy and really it is not good for the waistline either) and they make lactose free ice cream - and it tastes just like regular old ice cream. The boys loved it and I am happy that they can enjoy this little treat.

Duck, Duck, Goose

Today Greg and I decided to take the boys to the park in Boise. We had other things to do in Boise and thought it would be fun to take a little time to play outside. While there, we took Wesley to one of the ponds to feed the ducks (and some very aggressive geese) for the first time. He loved it! Max slept quietly in the car...maybe next time he can have the same fun. It wasn't until I was watching Greg and Wesley that I realized that I had forgotten my camera...oh, well again, next time. At one point Wesley held out his hand and had a goose quite close (I told you they were aggressive) but luckily, he dumped the bread on the ground before the goose tried to eat it off the extended hand. I should mention that the geese were very territorial - Greg and Wesley were fine, they had food - but when a group of geese from across the parking lot tried to join in the fun, they got yelled at by the other geese. It was a little funny. The other funny, and really mockable thing, was the Frisbee golfers - really? Get a job (it was 1pm when we got to the park), and a life people - you don't look that cool with your bags containing different weight Frisbees. But overall it was a fun day - the type I look forward too as the weather starts to warm up.