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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mommy Tip

This is a great tip for Mommies with babies that are learning to feed themselves (or even those that feed themselves pretty makes a sweet but healthy snack), I saw this tip on a message board and couldn't wait to try it with Max (because lets face it...I doubt Wesley will ever eat a banana that is not in bread form). As we all know bananas are slippery and hard to pick up - so the tip is to crush graham crackers or Cheerios or anything else that you think would be good and roll the banana pieces in the crumbs. This makes it easier for the baby to pick up. And really...the pieces rolled in graham crakers taste like banana cream pie, just without the cream. As you can see Max loves them and he can effectivly feed himself...unlike the pieces of cantalope I fed him the other day, that he just could not figure out how to get off his tray...I ended up feeding those to him. Oh, and here is one of Wesley because he loves the camera and never wants to be left out of a photo op.

Parks and Picnics

The month of August is coming to a close and with it summer (well sort of, fall is just around the corner but we have yet to see if the weather will cooperate). The last couple Saturday's of the month have been spent enjoying the end of summer with family. On the 15th we enjoyed a picnic at the park with the Alton side of the family and my Aunt Kristie and her two boys Gideon and Jeremiah (the Zambrano's - aka Ma and Pa Z - were also there with their grandbabies, Dillon and Taylor...and really they are family). Noel also surprised us that day and showed up at the family picnic. And on the 22nd we had a fun picnic at Greg's sister Brittney's house (yep the one with the Red Neck Waterslide...which Wesley LOVES even though he protests at the beginning). What follows are pictures from the Alton Family picnic...Forgot my camera for Brittney's and I am waiting on DaVette to email me some, so hopefully I will have those to add soon.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Kitchen spoons, bowls, strainers, pots/pans, etc. are the best toys ever (at least this is what the boys think) - so why again to we bother spending money on actual toys? Wesley will put random things in a frying pan, shake it on a chair, and tell me "I cooking Mommy" The only down side to the spoons is they can quickly become weapons...they had been returned to the drawer where Wesley found them and promptly declared "These Wesley's" It is funny to listen to him talk in the third person. Most days I am just glad if they can get along and actually play together.

Wesley loves the camera...I had forgotten how cute he was in jeans, this it the first time in months he has had them so I took a picture (I know, I am semi crazy) but he did pose and loved it. The second picture was taken after I had just snapped a picture of Max. Wesley comes running and says "Mommy, I want to smile" And with a request like that you just have to take a picture.

On two separate days this past week Max fell asleep when I was not paying attention. I seriously want to know how children can do this...the bouncy chair just does not look at all comfortable. In my defence the day he fell asleep in the bouncy chair, I had tried twice to lay him down in his bed and he proceeded to scream at me to take him out.
And in other news around this house...Max figured out how to stand up today (no this is not a picture of this accomplishment but I did not want to go get the camera and this one is cute...don't you just love those squishy cheeks). The last nine months have flown by and he is literally growing up to fast for my taste.

Busy Busy Month of July

I realized looking through my pictures that I was way behind in updating this blog on what has been happening in my families little world...What follows is that last couple weeks of July.

Wesley and Max continue to grow and change all the time. I love these faces - Wesley continues to expand his vocabulary though you would not know it based on the amount of "No" and "Mine" that I hear everyday...Max is just a sweetheart with a one track mind - how fast can I get to the remote that Mommy or Daddy left to close to my little hands.

The backyard "Before and After" shots. Getting the sod laid has made me the happiest girl ever. Greg will mow this week and then it will be ready to be played on.

The cats...Picture one - Mushu the weekend after we got him...sleeping in the tub. Picture two - this is how Flower passed the first couple days after getting Mushu...she would hiss and growl whenever he was near and he would pace in front of the couch taunting her. Picture three - a loose truce has been called and Flower now tolerates his presence. Picture four - Wesley thinks both cats were put in this house to be his personal play toys...I don't know if Flower is jealous or laughing because it is not her getting love from Wesley.

A day at the pool. We took my Aunt Kristie's two boys (Gideon and Jeremiah) to the pool...notice there are no pictures of those two, why you ask? Because they are fish and only came out of the water when absolutely necessary. This trip also marked Max's first pool experience...after a rough start he had a great time, I guess he is part fish as well. Wesley only likes the pool on his terms...and I am beginning to wonder if they have anything to do with cute swim teachers....