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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Random Nolan Pictures

Above is the first time Nolan fell asleep while playing...Below is Nolan's first donut, the kid kept looking at me and Greg with a glare daring us to take it away from him. (I should note that most parents document first steps, first tooth, and such...we document first foods - french fries for Wesley, corn dogs for Max, and now a donut for Nolan).

Who is quicker...Daddy or Nolan - Well in this case Nolan, Daddy needed to be better prepared to get the movie in and the doors closed because this kid is super fast. Below he is playing in his toy basket...with a wet shirt - Greg calls Nolan a saint bernard puppy because he drools a ton.

Hanging out in his crib...leg kicked out, toy and bottle in hand. He is such a laid back easy going baby...can the next one be so easy to get along with (well most of the time)?

One Big Celebration!

Since both of the older boys have birthdays so close to major holidays...and so close together, I decided that throwing one big party (Done this year on Sunday 12/4) would be better then trying to smash in two parties among Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nolan has a birthday right after Wesley's so next year he will get included in the big party. My mom made the for Max and blue for Wesley. The trains on top are a new Hot Wheel train and the boys love fact they got some birthday money and used it to buy additional trains - they all will hook together.

After cake we opened presents...emergency vehicles from Grandma and Grandpa Weyerman for Wesley. And a scooter (Daddy said Mommy couldn't buy one for the kids...he didn't say Grandma and Grandpa Alton couldn't...see Mommy can be sneaky).
Max loves flashlights...Grandma and Grandpa Weyerman got him a cool LED flashlight.
Aunt Kristie got the boys some fun new jammies (Wesley needs these since he won't stop growing)

And then came the big black bags with Mommy and Daddy's presents...hoppity balls that look like horses. The boys LOVE these and have happily bounced all week now. Sometimes they just sit and bounce in place while watching TV, other times they bounce up and down the hallway...a much needed activity since getting outside is getting harder with this crazy cold that I don't miss each winter.