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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Redneck Water Park

The plan for a fun filled Fourth was to spend the afternoon at a local pool with my Aunt Kristie and her boys. Unfortunately the pool was closed for the we regrouped and decided to have a little back yard fun.

The kiddie pool had some how ended up in my parents back yard after a wind storm last year and I was excited to find that it holds air...yay for free!
Nolan hated it by the way, not a huge surprise since he hates baths. Seriously don't know why since his brothers would live in the bathtub is allowed.

So our redneck water park fun was a pool, the sprinklers, a couple water guns, the back yard hose, and a trampoline...and let me tell you it was a ton of fun. And the pool has been well used this morning and this evening by the boys - best free pool ever.

When we do this again...Greg will get splashed/soaked more - he conveniently stayed pretty dry.


Xan said...

Yes, but Wesley seems to have gotten soaked enough for both of them (Greg and himself!)

Kristie said...

Great fun and yes next time we take Greg down. By the way the first picture looks as if I am picking my nose.