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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday {Red Lip Gloss}

{or how to have fun when Mommy showers}

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nolan and Violet {the sorta twins}

These two keep me on my toes. Violet can't get into many places on her own but with the help of Nolan she can get into places she never imagined. Or be supplied with items that would totally be out of her reach - unless her awesome climbing brother gets said item for her. Like say Mommy's wallet, then the fun ensues! It is a good thing these two are cute...
But all I did was open the door for her...she pulled out all the DVD's Mom
How can you say no to these sweet faces?
or stay mad at them long?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter! (Look a Post!)

Wesley and Max hunting for eggs
Easter was great this year...we got a surprise visit from my parents - the boys loved having Grandma and Grandpa Alton here to play with them. Violet on the other hand is dealing with stranger anxiety and doesn't like anyone that isn't Mommy or Daddy but by the end of the weekend she did happily sleep in Grandpa's arms and would also let Grandma pick her up on occasion.

Nolan getting his eggs...he was quick!
All of dressed in our Easter best...someday we may get a good picture.
The entire week leading up to Easter, Greg was in Chicago for Military training. And every day that week, either Max or Wesley would ask when we were decorating eggs. My reply was always the same - when Daddy gets home on Saturday. So of course the minute he walked in the door they wanted decorated eggs...forget dinner. The other frequent question was about when they would get to hunt for eggs and when is the Easter Bunny coming - yes, I was mildly crazy by the time Greg got home that week and Easter actually came. But in the end it was a great time and the boys loved hunting eggs. Even Violet loved the eggs, though she just wanted to play with year I am sure she will be hunting eggs with her big brothers.
Violet...Better not take that egg or she may yell at you!
Violet wanted nothing to do with decorating eggs...maybe next year.
My Max...his hands are messy you know...
Nolan loved squishing in the shaving cream...he is just not so gentle with those eggs.
We decorated the eggs with shaving cream and food coloring.
Fun and messy!