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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Warm Welcome... Violet Anne Weyerman
Born May 6th @ 1:29am
7lbs 10oz ~ 21 inches
My smallest baby yet!
 After a fast labor and easy delivery...she continues to be a joy to our family.
Quick version of her birth story -
I found out at my 38 week doctor appointment that she had decided to rotate face up and had her head planted firmly on my pelvic bone...not the best position for her to be to get labor biggie there was plenty of time.  Except that finals week was coming, followed by graduation...and quite frankly I was ready to meet her - the "false labor" had been pretty bad for many days.  So, Friday I woke up with a plan to see my chiropractor and hopefully ease some of the pain in my hips and get things lined up right for Violet to get in a good position.  Well my usual chiropractor was out sick, so I saw my parents chiropractor who helped me a ton and did a technique that he swore put most women into labor within 24 to 48 hours.  Well Saturday morning I woke up to strong contractions...strong enough that I could not stand to be in bed, so I got up for awhile.  After breakfast and a shower they seemed to slow down, but Greg was worried enough to insist on a trip to L&D.  By the time we arrived the contractions were super spaced out though I was dilating, I still got sent home.  We stopped at the mall to walk around then Greg bought me a donut (my one pregnancy craving) and we went home.  I worked on some projects, took a nap, and sent Greg to school to study and go to work.  Around 8:15 that night I was putting the boys to bed and the contractions kicked in again - 5 minutes apart and they didn't stop.  So, Greg was called home and the decision was made to head to the hospital...again.  We checked in at 10:30 and Violet arrived 3 hours later.

 In her coming home outfit that Daddy picked out all by himself.

Meeting her brothers for the first time...Little Violet is going to have to be one tough cookie to put up with these three...they love her but they aren't super gentle all the time.  I am sure she will have them well trained in the near future.

 Nolan wasn't sure about her...he was also cutting his new molars so his mood was not the best.  He was happy to see Mommy though.

 The above picture was taken at 2 weeks old...ready to go to her baby shower
The below pictures were taken at one month old.

Hanging out with Daddy...she already has him trained.