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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

They're Back!

It really is the happiest time of the year...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Max Had a Birthday, Shout Hurray!

Max turned the big 3 years old on 11-13-11. We started the celebration be going out to dinner as a family on Friday and Max got to go to Target and pick out a new toy (he choose a fire engine that makes all sorts of noise...he loves it and I love it as long as it stays in his bedroom far away from me).
On Sunday, his actual birthday, we went out to Middleton to visit Greg's parents. I gave Max the choice between cake and rice crispy you can see he choose rice crispy treats. I dressed them up with food coloring and sprinkles.
Max kept trying to blow out the candles from where he was sitting...finally, Grandpa gave him and hand at getting close enough to actually blow them out. Max also sings along when you sing him "Happy Birthday" I find that very cute.
In a couple weeks we will have a big party with all the family and some friends to celebrate both Max and Wesley's birthdays...I find it easier with both boys having birthdays in the midst of major holidays to have one big party (next year Nolan will be included but a first birthday is special and will get a special celebration).

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was pretty fun this year. The older boys are really getting the concept of candy handed out freely and all because they dressed up. The week before we carved pumpkins and enjoyed donuts and cider. Then I got to listen to the boys ask for a week when they got to go trick or treating. Friday we went to a trunk or treat in my Aunt Kristie's ward and the boys had a blast, setting off more questions on when they could go again. Finally Monday came and we dressed up and headed out around my parent's neighborhood with Gideon, Jeremiah, Charles, Sara, and Trish in tow. It was a blast and I now Wesley wants to dye Easter eggs (because Easter also equals candy.)