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Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Max turned 2

It should be noted that Maxwell turned 2 on November 13th. We had a small celebration at Wendy's...because he loves the chicken nuggets. And he picked out a new toy from Target to play with. When Greg returns in a couple weeks for Christmas, we will celebrate both boys birthdays together...I will post official birthday party pictures then.


I have no interest in eating tonight...though I know I need to. Which also means I have no desire to cook a meal for my kids, who are always hungry (two boys...go figure). So, I may or may not have fed my boys instant oatmeal complete with canned pears that I ground into pear sauce. And I may now be headed to add toast to compete the meal...

Monday, November 8, 2010


Today is the kind of day where I 100% have to rely on my faith to get me through. I am grateful for that faith and for a loving Heavenly Father who's plan for us I know is perfect - even when the events of life make things hard and test our understanding.

My sister wrote a wonderful post on the events of that past couple days. You can read it here - Please pray for my cousin Parker and his wife Kelly (and their other five children) as they face the many difficult days ahead of them.