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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last night Max was getting into everything, a regular
occurrence at our house, so I sought to distract him with TV. I put on a favorite around here...Little Einsteins (recorded from the Disney Channel, or as I like to call it, my little bit of sanity). Max started to dance to the music...bouncing and waving his arms, it was cute to watch. Wesley started to sing the theme song...and yes, he knows the whole thing as well as the repeated catch
phrases in the show. I love watching both boys interact with the show, Wesley correctly answers most questions and I know that Max will be doing the same really soon. And I might add that there are other shows from Disney that they watch and Wesley is learning so much from them - I am surprised by how much he is learning when I play games with him and practice colors, letters, numbers and such. So, yes I have a little Mommy guilt for the amount of TV that they watch some days but I console myself with the fact that at least it is educational.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A First

Some parents record their child's first tooth, first steps, or first words - just to name a few. And quite commonly parents will document the first foods that their child eats. I do document first foods...just not ones that many parents would see as ground breaking. Below are pictures of Max's first corn dog...and just to make sure a first of Wesley's is included, I give you the pictures of Wesley's first french fries (which with Max, I sadly missed that photo I make up for it with the first corn dog).

Crazy Ideas...

On January 15th I got a call from my Aunt Kristie and she had the brilliant idea to take off to Utah and surprise my sister by showing up for her Pampered Chef Party. I thought great lets go, it was a long weekend so why not? So, super early Saturday morning we loaded up the cars and headed boys (the first two pictures) ate powdered sugar donuts in the car for breakfast, it was quite a mess. We arrived in Provo just in time for the party, and shocked my sister. Later that night we met up with my Brad, Rae, Bambi, Harrison, and Madison for dinner at Cafe Rio (I love Cafe Rio and now Greg understands...he talks about driving to Twin Falls for his birthday dinner). Sunday we relaxed and we shopping at IKEA, after we headed over to Brady and Angela's house for dinner (Thanks Angela, we know it was short notice!)- it was fun to let the cousins play. Monday we headed home, it was a quick trip but a ton of fun.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wrestling with Daddy


Howdy Partner

Two stories with this picture... notice the toy in his hand? This was bought for Max at IKEA last weekend - both boys love it but Wesley wanted more train tracks (go figure). Anyway... Wesley likes to pretend it is a vacuum and pushes it all over the carpet going vroom, vroom or other similar vacuum style noises. I only wish that the toy was a real vacuum...that would be very helpful. Story two - the bowl on the head...just before the picture was taken, Wesley looked at me, lifted the bowl, and said "Howdy Partner" Really, I don't know where he gets this stuff (OK he watches too much TV, especially the Disney Channel and more then likely, that is where is gets this stuff) but he is super cute and he keeps me entertained.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fall Football

One last one, I promise. I found this picture today when I was uploading new pictures from the camera. I had forgotten I had taken it. This past year, we went to see my cousins Gideon and Jeremiah play football. Gideon played for his school and Jeremiah for the Optimist. This picture is of Jeremiah and Wesley just before the game.

Curious Kitty

I got a new popcorn popper for Christmas and was very excited to come home and use it. I do have an addiction and the popper has been used nearly everyday since receiving it. The other day as I was popping a batch to munch on, Flower got a little curious. Unfortunately she did not stay with her nose to the popper as it started popping, that would have been fun to see. P.S. - Max is also fascinated by the machine. You just can't see him in this picture.
P.P.S. - Please don't judge me for the cat being on the counter...she is just not afraid of me and unless I get very close, she stays there - Now Greg, she is afraid of and gets right down when told to.

A Proud Moment

Yes, the moment has come...Wesley can now officially drink from a can of soda. Not that I would ever give him a full one to practice from but the one that I left sitting by the couch with a little left in it was good practice. And have I mentioned that Max can point to a can of soda and say "Coke" Yep he can, so now both of my boys will call all soda "Coke".

Flour Fun

I use to keep my big containers of flour in the dining room for easy access when I was baking. But recently Max figured out how to get the lids off. Well right after Christmas, I forgot that there were a couple in the house and Max found them and had a fun time.
This first picture is what tipped me off that Max had done something that he really should not have...little footprints from walking in the flour.
And if the footprints are in the living room then the trail should lead back to my container. Tupperware - just proves that my one year old is smarter then the squirrels that could not get the Tupperware open that was holding the peanut butter while camping all those years ago.
He was so proud of himself and wanted to play some more...even with me standing there telling him not to - could be that me taking pictures took some of the harshness away???

Bath Time

My boys LOVE bath time. They beg to get in and hate to get out. Max practically throws himself out of your arms (while trying to undress him) into the tub. Wesley has to have a ritual of saying good-bye to the water, bubbles, rubber duckies, and whatever else is in the tub while getting out. I am going to cherish this time of life because like most boys do, I am sure they will try to find ways to get out of bath time in the future.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wesley's Birthday Party

On the 27th of December we celebrated Wesley's 3rd birthday along with my cousin Gideon's 15th birthday - our house was crowded but we had a good time. Here are some pictures of the festivities...

The Cakes...well cake and brownies (they are Gideon's favorite)
Blowing out the Candles
And the presents...Can you say spoiled?

Friends and Family...

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam...

The catch? Wesley could care less about being a Sunbeam - he just wants to go back to Nursery and his routine. Have I ever mentioned that Wesley HATES change, and does not usually do well in new situations? Well Sunday was a prime example - change and a new situation all at once. Yes, Wesley turned three and it is time to graduate into the regular primary routine and I tell this story because I am sure that in a few years I won't believe it myself...

Greg had to go to work right before Sacrament Meeting ended so, it was me and my boys headed to the primary room together. As we approached, Wesley started to realize that something was not right and stopped walking, in fact he threw himself on the floor right in the doorway to the room. I got him back on his feet grudgingly and proceeded with my crying, tantrum throwing child into the primary room. I put him in a chair and prepared to leave - that is until he melted from the chair and onto the floor to continue throwing his fit. (I might add that this super cute row of three year olds all had tears in their eyes but I think that Wesley's stunning display kept them all mesmerized and cut down on more tantrums.) This continued through most of Sharing Time/Singing Time...and Max, well he entertained himself by pushing a chair into the class behind us - then a very patient, very nice primary presidency member took him to the Nursery to play (to bad I could not leave him there...he is only 13 1/2 months *sigh*). I took Wesley out of the room at one point to calm him and then we went back in - one of his teachers tried to hold him but he was sooo not cooperating. So, I walked him to the classroom and we waited for his class and then I left him...and he did enjoy class. Next week? Greg gets to take him and we are dumping and running - the teachers have been warned.