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Friday, July 24, 2009

Over Achievers

My two boys are over achievers....well at least when it comes to cutting teeth. Wesley got his first two teeth at six months - Max got his first two at seven months. Fine nothing out of the ordinary there. For Wesley a few weeks go by and BAM! - SIX teeth show up all at once. Yes that is right SIX teeth, making for a grand total of eight teeth by eight months old. Now this was good and bad. Good because it was all over and done for a couple months, not drug out getting one tooth here and one tooth there. Bad because of how torturous it was to have them all show up at once. Sleepless nights, running nose, and in the end a double ear infection (for a while each tooth cut was followed by an ear infection for Wesley). Fast forward two years to Max and he is now trying to keep up with big brother, granted he is slightly behind being that he is eight months and only has two teeth (yes, cut within days of each other). But last night, while he was screaming at me for changing his diaper instead of feeding him, I noticed that he had FOUR teeth breaking through the top of his little mouth. And suddenly it all made sense...the cranky baby, the sleepless nights, and the snotty nose. So, here I go again with a second over achieving son. Perhaps some day I will have a child that can do things the "normal" way and only cut one tooth at a time.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Family is Growing

I would like to take a moment to introduce the newest addition to our family. His name is Mushu and we adopted him on Friday. Mushu is a very mellow laid back soul, much to the dismay of his high strung sister Flower (who by the way is still very upset with the idea of a furry brother, I mean she does barely tolerate the human brothers). In his former life Mushu was part of a family or at least I am guessing he was. He is very affectionate/loving and good with Wesley and Maxwell.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Pictures/Thoughts

I really love how they just can fall asleep anywhere...when do we loose that ability? The flash woke him up and then he did the head bob thing for a minute before dozing again and then waking with a start. Poor kid was exhausted from a full day for playing outside (at the park and then later with Daddy and Grandpa Weyerman).
Finishing off Grandpa's birthday cake...Greg was not thrilled with this arrangement and did take it away from him. He looked at me and told me that one of us had to be the adult. Wesley of course cried until Greg promised him more cake but in his highchair.
Love this smile...and yes he can really make this thing bounce. It is just not as springy as his bouncy chair was, so we are not in danger of going airborne (I will have to post that video at a later date for those that are not on Facebook).
Max will be standing before we know it. Yesterday he was practically standing on his head, feet and hands firmly planted on the ground. We never really child proofed the house with Wesley but big brother will teach by example the "naughty" things that Max (and really Wesley) should not be doing.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Independence Day...And Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Being that it is Grandpa Weyerman's Birthday...We celebrate the Independence Day holiday in Middleton. It is always a ton of fun. We have been to fireworks and the parade, though this year we did not do either...we look forward to both next year (fingers crossed). Here are some pictures of the picnic.

The boys looked so cute in their patriotic gear...Max loved hanging out with Daddy and well Wesley is just a ham for the camera.

Here are some pictures of family and friends. I did not get everyone there.

I did not get any pictures but just before heading to bed, Greg and I headed outside and enjoyed the fireworks that were being launched all over the neighborhood and surronding neighborhoods. It was really a nice day.

Cousins and Water Slides

June was a fun and busy month for our family. Greg's little sister Natasha and her family were here for a visit. Stetson is a week older then is fun getting pictures of the two of them together. They have grown so much since the last pictures we took in December.
This is a funny picture...Wesley did not want to be left out of the picture taking fun, so he plopped himself down right in front of me and the camera. Max is looking a bit confused and Stetson has tipped over. I gave up getting a good picture this time around.
This is one of my favorite pictures of the two boys.
They were so fun to watch together. Aware of each other but not really playing together yet. It was more of new toys (they usually always played with each others toys) and taking away each others toys. Also, Max was constantly trying to get Stetson's binky (now remember Max has never really wanted or used a binky)...the catch? Stetson's binky was attatched to a ribbon (he is not wearing it in this picture because I had already removed it) and Max would pull him over.
And not to leave Wesley out here is a really cute picture of him taken that same day. ---------------------------------------------------------
June was rounded out by a birthday celebration for Baylea. We spent the evening at Brittney's house (Greg's other little sister) playing on their Homemade (read Redneck) Waterslide. This slide has been a labor of love over the past couple years...dug into the hill behind the house, lined with carpet for cushion, plenty of plastic, a splash pool, and stairs again dug into the side of the hill, also lined with carpet.
Here is Greg preparing to go down the slide...Wesley wanting to go but not wanting to go at the sametime. While Greg was changing into his suit, I had pushed Wesley down the slide by himself...this did not go over so well. Ethan had to rescue him and help him the rest of the way down. But Wesley enjoyed himself in the end and went down a few times with Greg.
Here is one of Greg and Wesley together on the slightly dangerous turn one. Seriously...Phillip, Cortney, and many others almost flew over the side on this turn. But I think that is what makes it fun...the element of danger.

Cayson, Ethan, Greg, and Wesley in the splash pool. Cayson torn down the slide, with running starts...he has no fear and was a ton of fun to watch.

Here is Alyssa headed down the slide.
And here is one of Ethan headed on down...Cayson flew by too fast, I never did get one of him on the slide...just in the splash pool.
Baylea would go down but usually just walked down the stairs and hung out below watching everyone and having a good time. Happy Third Birthday Baylea!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stuff Happens....

Back story...Grandpa and Grandma Alton took a trip to the Oregon Coast last week. They brought back gifts for their grandsons only. The gift of course was a really nice train engine that lights up and makes sound. It also moves when pulled back and let go.
Wesley loves his train and will not sleep without it next to his bed (it is the red thing on the ottoman). He takes it with him everywhere...all over the house, in the car, to the store...everywhere. Max's train is on my dresser so that Wesley does not try to claim it for his own as well, though he has been very good about giving Max his train.
Max has a new trick, he can now push himself from his tummy to a sitting position. Well most of the time, sometimes all he manages to do is push himself backwards...usually into a random piece of furniture, where he gets stuck and cries until I unstick him.
This picture is called...What Happens When Mommy Doesn't Pay Attention. Max managed to do his half crawl into the kitchen and knock over the cat's water dish. This got his cute Fourth of July outfit all wet, scared Max, and created a mess for me to clean up.